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As everyone is aware, we are in a drought, some have called it a megadrought, and Gov. Cox has declared a state of emergency. All water uses, regulation, and compliance is being diligently monitored by the State of Utah. We ask everyone to be mindful of their water use and protecting our culinary water from cross connection. For more information about cross connection, please visit What is a Cross Connection?.

Owners of backflow prevention devices are reminded that backflow inspection/testing reports are due 1 June 2022. To avoid interuption of service, please do not delay in getting the testing and inspections performed by a State of Utah Certified Backflow Tester and submitting those reports to TUID by 1 June 2022

Customers who may have received notice of a cross connection violation (e.g. missing dual check valves, missing air breakers or anti-siphon valves on spigots/hose bibs, etc,), we encourage you to get these items addressed to avoid an interuption in water service.

You may review our Cross Connection Control Policy for more information or contact us.