Public Safety

This page is dedicated to public safety and first responders in our area.

Please know that 911 calls have been known to be difficult in our remote area, therefore we are providing you with additional phone numbers to call in the event of any emergency. Call any one, or all, of these numbers in an emergency:

9 - 1 - 1


Garfield County Sheriff



Garfield County Fire Chief


In general the following services are provided by the agencies listed:


Fire protection is provided by the Garfield County Volunteer Fire Department. There is a firehouse located in Ticaboo with volunteers available for, and capable of, responding to incidents involving fire, spills, accidents, traffic accidents, and rescues.

Life safety and fire inspections are provided, as well as support for community events.

To reach the fire department contact the Fire Chief at 435-255-1919.

Law Enforcement

The Garfield County Sheriff's Office is the law enforcement agency for the area. On occassion, and upon the request of the Sheriff's office, the National Park Service Law Enforement Rangers may respond to calls. The Utah Highway Patrol, dispatched from Price, Utah patrols highway 276 and may respond to emergency calls and all highway accidents.

To contact the Garfield County Sheriff's office, call 435-676-2678 or visit their website at

Emergency Medical

Bullfrog Urgent Care Clinic, located within Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Bullfrog Marina, is available for medical aid. Visit for more information or contact the clinic by calling 435-684-2288.

Emergency Medical Response may be provided by the Garfield County Fire Department, National Park Service EMS, or Wayne County EMS (Hanksville).

Classic Air Medical provides emergency response and transportation when requested by first responders. You may enroll for membership with Classic Air which can help with the cost of emergency medical transporation. Visit for more information.