Board Meetings

Ticaboo Utility Improvement District board meetings are held quarterly. Meetings are published on the Utah Public Notice website.

NOTICE:     8th March Regular board meeting 5:30 PM

Pursuant to House Bill 5002, “Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments,” passed during the 2020 Fifth Special Session of the Utah Legislature and codified under Utah Code Ann. § 52-4-207(4), this meeting will be conducted electronically to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

This electronic meeting may be held without an anchor location if the chair determines that:

  • conducting the meeting with an anchor location presents a substantial risk to the health or safety of those who may be present at the anchor location; or
  • the location where the public body would meet is ordered closed to the public for health or safety reasons.

Whether the meeting is conducted with or without an anchor location, members of the public may participate remotely in the meeting. To participate remotely in the electronic meeting, register in advance for this meeting by visiting:

Meeting Link (Click)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Visit the Public Meeting website for the Agenda


TUID welcomes comments from the public. The procedures for handling public comment are:

  1. The Board sets aside 15 minutes at each Board meeting to hear from anyone wishing to speak.
  2. Each presenter is allowed one opportunity and has up to three (3) minutes for remarks. 
  3. Any member of the public who desires to make a comment shall use the 'raise hand' feature during the Zoom meeting.
  4. Remarks may be sent in writing prior to the meeting by emailing Time permitting, those comments will be read into the record.
  5. The public comment segment of the Board meeting is not the time for a question-and-answer discussion. TUID staff are available for dialogue outside of Board meetings.


There are tutorials available on the web on how to use the 'raise hand' feature during a Zoom meeting. For participants who choose to join the meeting by phone only, there are two very important commands:

As a matter of protocol and courtesy, we ask all attendees to keep their microphones muted during the meeting to reduce background noises and disruption to the presenter and other attendees. Upon entry into the meeting, all participants are automatically muted. It is the attendees responsibility to use the 'raise hand' feature for an opportunity to make remarks during a public hearing or public comment agenda item and to "unmute" themselves when they are given the floor.

Any background noises (e.g. dogs barking, children playing, traffic, etc.), unrelated conversations or other disruptions to the meeting, will be cause for the attendee's microphone to be muted by the host. Any rude, disrespectful, or other unsavoury behavior will be cause for dismissal from the meeting by the host.

During Closed Meetings, the public will be placed in the Waiting Room and will be readmitted to the public meeting after the board adjourns from their Closed Meeting.