Rates - Water| Sewer | Solid Waste

Listed below, you will find our current rates for residential water, sewer and solid waste services. All customers of the district are required to pay a minimum standby fee of $210.76 per month. This fee is included in the rates of active customers. It is not an additional charge.

If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

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Residential Water Service Rates

Monthly Minimum:
Water Included w/ Minimum Bill:
$71.76/month (incl. in Standby Fee)
120,000 gallons per year
Tier (gal.): Per 1,000 gallons:
120,000 + $2.50

Our community's water meters are read annually in December. Please contact our office for any additional information.

Residential Sewer Service Rate

Sewer Rate per ERU $44.80/ERU/month (incl. in Standby Fee)

Fee for residential use of TUID's sewer system. TUID's residential sewer system DOES NOT allow recreational vehicle (RV) use for dumping black or grey tanks. This does not apply to designated RV parks, designed for RV connections. RV's found using the sewer system without prior written authorization will be subject to the Tampering/Unauthorized Use Fee and criminal charges for theft of services. 

Residential Solid Waste Service Rate

Solid Waste Service $19.20/month (incl. in Standby Fee)

This is a community based fee for household waste disposal in solid waste containers provided by TUID. As a community based fee, free for public use around the clock, all customers of TUID are required to pay the minimum fee.

Residential Water & Sewer Connection Fee

Connection $3,699.00

Fee for adding a residential water and sewer connection where the connection either does not exist or was abandoned by the previous property owner(s).

Water Turn On/Off Fee

Turn On/Off See Below
Description Fee
Business Hours (M-F 8am to 5pm) $100.00
After Hours $130.00

Fee, per incident, for turning the water on or off at the meter (TUID owned facilities) at the customers request.

Inspection Fee

Inspection Actual cost of inspection, but not less than $20.00 per hour per incident.

TUID requires the inspection of all customer installed connections to and from the meter. This includes customer side connections. Connections are inspected to ensure compliance with TUID rules and regulations, and International Codes as set forth by the International Code Council and as adopted by the State of Utah and the governing County (e.g. Garfield, Kane, San Juan, etc.).

Water and Sewer Service Call Fee

Service Call Service Call + Labor + Parts + Materials
Description Fee
Business Hours Service Call $50.00
After Hours Service Call $75.00
Business Hours Labor $50.00 /hr
After Hours Labor $75.00 /hr

Service call for inspecting or evaluating a problem at the service address (e.g. meter that is working, water leak, repair, etc.).

Tampering and Unauthorized Use Fee

Tampering/Unauthorized Use Per Incident per day
Description Fee
Per Incident $1,000.00
Per Day $100.00

This fee is charged for any unauthorized use of water or sewer connections that are owned by TUID. All facilities up to and including the meter and meter assembly are owned by TUID. In addition to this fee, the responsible party may be subject to criminal charges for theft of services.