Rates - Residential Power & Energy

Standard Rate Schedule:

Electric Schedule No. Base Rate Energy Rate
1 $75.00 $0.55 per kWh


Budget Billing Schedules:

The following schedules are budgeted over a 12 month service period of January to December. Energy use greater than the "Budgeted Energy Use" is billed at an energy rate of $0.55 per kWh. If you are not sure which budget billing schedule meets your needs, please complete our Residential Energy Survey and we can help you decide.

Electric Schedule No. Budgeted Energy Use (kWh) Budgeted Base Rate Budgeted Energy Rate Monthly Budget Billing
4 0 to 2,400 $60.00 $0.46 per kWh $152.00
5 0 to 4,800 $60.00 $0.43 per kWh $232.00
6 0 to 7,200 $60.00 $0.40 per kWh $300.00
7 0 to 9,600 $60.00 $0.37 per kWh $356.00
8 0 to 12,000 $60.00 $0.34 per kWh $400.00


Residential Electric Fees:

Connection Fee - Fee for adding a residential electric connection where the connection either does not exist or was abandoned by the previous property owner(s). $2,865.00
Turn On/Off Fee (Business Hours) - Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm $120.00
Turn On/Off Fee (After hours) $150.00
Service Call (Business Hours) - Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm $50.00
Service Call (After hours) $100.00
Tampering/Unauthorized Reconnection Charge $1,000 per incident plus $100 per day
Temporary Service Charge - Service Drop and Meter Only Actual Cost for single or three-phase
Inspection Fee - Fee for inspecting connections made to TUID infrastructure & facilities Actual cost of inspection, but not less than $20.00 per hour per incident.

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